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PORTLAND, Oregon, November 2, 2020 —

Today, EnergyRM™ welcomes Nexant as a customer and project development partner, and announces the third generation of its cloud analytics and transaction platform. The platform enables building owners, energy service companies, and utilities to monetize energy efficiency investment. Investment in deep energy efficiency has been impeded by the misaligned economic interests among building owners, tenants, and project developers. This significant upgrade to EnergyRM’s investment-grade analytics and transaction platform solves these longstanding challenges, unlocking investment in deep energy efficiency at scale.

“Our platform consists of two components: investment-grade software and an innovative energy efficiency Investment Structure,” said EnergyRM CEO and co-founder Jason Gregory. “Using those tools, we help building owners and energy service companies (ESCOs) monetize the value of energy efficiency.”

EnergyRM upgraded its application to be much more flexible, powerful, and positioned for growth and expansion. The upgrade includes version three of its modeling engine, which powers remote building analytics and energy efficiency prospecting called Insights, and energy efficiency metering known as the DeltaMeter.

“Nexant provides solutions to improve customer engagement, boost operational efficiency, and save resources,” said Greg Stiles, Vice President, Client Solutions, Utility Services at Nexant. “EnergyRM’s software and Investment Structure perfectly complements our innovative approach to driving energy efficiency returns for our clients. It’s unique in the market and poised to help us drive significant growth.”

As part of the all-new user interface, visual analytics deliver more actionable insights. EnergyRM’s new portfolio prospecting capabilities makes it possible to quickly and remotely assess large building portfolios, identify uncaptured energy efficiency, and pinpoint where to start monetizing energy efficiency investment.



Additionally, EnergyRM is introducing the ability to share building and portfolio reporting with third parties. For example, an energy service company may share insights with its customer, or a building owner can do the same with a project investor.

Enabled by EnergyRM Insights and the DeltaMeter is the company’s Investment Structure—a toolkit containing a set of agreements and implementation resources that owners, project investors, and ESCOs can use to fund and perform deep energy efficiency retrofits and monetize those outcomes over long periods of time.

Deep energy retrofits for commercial buildings act as a force multiplier—generating a new source of income for owners and investors, creating jobs, and helping create a healthier world. EnergyRM’s new software plus its Investment Structure allows commercial building owners and investors to harness energy efficiency’s previously untapped potential as a wealth creation engine. 


EnergyRM enables commercial building stakeholders to monetize the value of energy efficiency. Its software remotely analyzes buildings to identify energy efficiency opportunities, continuously meters the savings, and enables stakeholders to transact through its revenue-grade platform. Based in Portland, EnergyRM helps building owners, energy service companies (ESCOs), and utilities unlock investment in deep energy efficiency at scale. For more information, visit and connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter. 


Nexant is a software and consulting firm that provides innovative solutions to improve customer engagement, boost operational efficiency, and save resources. We offer expertise in demand-side management, grid management, and renewables, as well as a comprehensive suite of software designed to support these initiatives. Every day, we work with customers to reimagine the world we live in and create a more sustainable energy future. For more information on Nexant’s services, contact or visit