A Software Company on a Mission to Unlock Investment in Deep Energy Efficiency, at Scale

Portland-based EnergyRM is a venture-funded software company on a mission to unlock investment in energy efficiency in the commercial building sector. 

Commercial buildings are notoriously inefficient users of energy. The sector consumes nearly 20% of the total energy consumed in the US, but longstanding economic misalignments have impeded investment in efficiency. Simply put, building owners and project investors won’t invest their capital to make buildings more efficient when they have no way to recover their investment; all of the financial gain flows to building tenants in the form of lower utility bills. EnergyRM exists to align the economic interests and generate favorable financial returns for project investors through its Investment Structure, and to provide investment-grade software that unlocks investment in deep energy efficiency.


Jason Gregory

CEO and Co-Founder

Lewis Rife

Chief Financial Officer

Ludmilla Badicke

General Counsel

Lance Ivy

Head of Engineering

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