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Who We Are

About EnergyRM

EnergyRM is a financial technology company that enables building owners to receive paid-for energy retrofits without encumbrance or performance risk. Project investors, who fund the projects, earn financial returns on energy retrofits as a market-based asset. Project developers in EnergyRM’s network design and implement the comprehensive energy retrofits.

Our mission is to decarbonize real estate by turning energy retrofits into a source of value creation, not an unrecoverable cost. We do this by aligning the economic interests of building owners and project finance funds.

Innovative Transaction Platform for Energy Retrofits

EnergyRM stands at the forefront of energy efficiency, offering a unique transaction platform that facilitates market-based investments in energy retrofits. Our platform, combining sophisticated software tools and a novel financial instrument, empowers building owners to receive paid-for energy retrofits without encumbrance or performance risk. We handle everything from identifying investable buildings to measuring retrofit performance and settling transactions, ensuring a seamless experience for all stakeholders.

Risk-Free Energy Efficiency for Building Owners

We understand the challenges building owners face – from negative IRR when tenants pay for energy, to capex budget constraints and uncertain building hold periods. Our solution? A turnkey process that includes identifying projects, providing term sheets, and signing operating leases, culminating in paid-for energy retrofits that open up new income streams and are compatible with all lease types, including REITs.

A Partnership Approach

EnergyRM's approach is collaborative. We work closely with building owners, project investors (Energy Tenant™), and project developers, ensuring each retrofit project is tailored to the building's unique needs. Our Energy Tenant contract structure mitigates financial risk for building owners, as the energy tenant funds the retrofit and earns returns from the project's performance, with no security interest in the building.

The Whole Building as a Whole System

Energy retrofits perform best when the building is addressed comprehensively. This means that everything that reduces utility energy consumption is on the table, from energy efficiency and onsite power generation to battery storage and electric vehicle chagrin.


Decarbonize your buildings without capex or encumbrance


Invest in energy retrofits as a market-based asset


Deliver more projects with funding that works for building owners

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